Monday, October 5, 2009

Reading Construction Plan

First drawing: The Architectural

Who do you do when you are assigned a Project?

Finding the site

1. Get hold of the Layout Plan where you can see the location the Project with relation to the surrounding existing area. Normally identify the main road that lead you to this project if you are in the urban area.
2. If you happen to search for a Project in the rural area, every detail leading to this area are very important for there will be less landmark to guide you .
3. Having a Surveyor Demarcation Plan that show will be of great help.
4. Other than this get a compass along and presently Iphone 3GS has the application that works. Please take note that in every layout plan, direction of the North will be indicated

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Construction Blog

What is "Kee Cho"

This is a Hokkien dialect meaning build houses.
As a young boy, my father bought a house in our village, the present one that I am staying, and on his way back from the orchard he would pass by the construction site and would informed us that our new house is under construction and they, the contractor, has started the "Teh Ki" (foundation in hokkien dialect").

Just for information, he witnessed the overall construction of the house.
He would talk to constructor and eventually informing us when they going to lay the electric cable and that my sister should quickly check the addition points needed for the kitchen, etc,
Till to date, there is no major defect of this house except for the rain gutters, bulbs, paint that corroded due to wear and tear.

Why this blog

Throughout my life, I have always been taught by many Project Managers at site. To me, I am very lucky for there are many construction staff out there that learn the hard way to really understand what is construction. Before proceeding further, I would like to thank all of them.
From Jurutama (M): IR Lee Wan Hoi, Mr. Lee See Been
From Jurong Engineering Pte Ltd (S):Mr. Sundram (Mechanical), Mr Lau King Siu (Civil and structure), Goh Yau Hong, (Mechanical)
From Lim Kah Ngam (M): Dato' Lim , Ir Ong Lye Seng
and many more construction staff who inspire me to write this blog and not to forget one of the maintanence team that took over the completed building , Mr Beh ( ex headmaster ) and finally most important the many construction teams that help to complete the individual projects in 36 years of my life

What will be in this blog?

Definitely everything on construction but then technology keep on improving hence to many experience constructors out there kindly give your comments to improve all the readers knowledge.
Throughout my life, the projects that I have gone through were

1. Highway : Overpass
2. Chemical Plant
3. Substation
4. Oil and Gas
5. Fertilizer plant
6. Hotels
7. High rise buildings
8. Low rise buildings
9. Printing press factory
10. Hill slope projects.

and existing project that I will be constructing .